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From rapid  prototype to small batch of production and mass production

From products manufacturing to surface treatment and final assembly

CNC Machining

We offer turning, milling, drilling, tapping, boring, and grinding for a variety of materials, utilizes 3 and 5 axis, conventional and high-speed CNC equipment with CAM Software. We use it to produce machined parts and patterns in an endless variety of materials including plastics, aluminums, steels, titanium, and composites.

3D Printing


PreciseTechnic provides multi-faceted rapid prototyping services, including stereolithography (SLA) and professional prototype model making.
PreciseTechnic can easily cater to your needs and provide affordable solutions.

Vacuum casting


Vacuum casting is another process of rapid prototyping widely used in plastic parts. They are especially for 20-100 pieces parts. Which will be expensive for SLA or CNC, but economic for vacuum casting.It is used by one kind of silicone rubber tooling.

We have a set of customization solutions, to help you easily make your design and 3D drawing into the real parts by various technic of rapid prototyping.
All the parts you need no matter used for design checking or function testing,  we can provide you with industry-leading level and short lead time.

Our one stop service will save your energy and cost beyond.

Rapid Prototyping


The service mentioned above make a line for our rapid prototyping, we will provide prototyping service based on customers design and requirements. PreciseTechnic provide the best solution for your parts no matter 1 piece or 5000+ more, based on our excellent and experienced engineers.

Our Services

CNC Turning


CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Turning is a very important method of producing the many precise and interactive parts of complex products.

Creating prototypes from technical designs using a computer controlled lathe that cuts to ultra-fine specifications.

Post Treatment


PreciseTechnic provides all kinds of post treatments, including sanding, anodizing,sandblasting, electronicplating, painting and so on. Our one stop service will make your parts finished well and you don't need take too much time on this.

Industry We Serve

  • Medical Industry
  • Auto Industry
  • Consumer Industry
  • Mechanical Prototype