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Many benefits can come from creating a prototype early in the design process. Rapid prototyping can help verify a design, communicate an idea and fix design issues early in the development process, preventing costly changes to the hard tool once the product is in full production. prototype model making also helps potential investors and customers better visualise the product at hand, leading to further investment in the product before it goes to market. Here at PT, we can know how important time is for your business. That is why our prototyping manufacturers strive to meet all specified times to deliver products of the highest standard to our clients worldwide. We pride ourselves on providing rapid prototyping services at affordable prices and would love the opportunity to assist you with your project.

Rapid Prototyping Service

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Rapid Prototyping can also serve a different purpose at each various stage of your product development process. For example:

  • Concept stage: Prototypes can be used for investor pitches and early stage design testing
  • Design stage: Early aesthetic assessment, basic functionality testing
  • Dedicated prototyping stage Multiple iterations to perfect design and functionality
  • Pre-production stage: Manufacturability testing, final testing for look, feel and functionality