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Precise Technic is a full service prototype and production manufacturing company specializing in 3D printing, CNC machining and vacuum casting (cast urethane) parts. We seperate ourselves with our ability to produce complex parts for all industries including medical, aerospace, defense, consumer and more.

Precise Technic is a full service prototype and production manufacturing company specializing in 3D printing, CNC machining and vacuum casting (cast urethane) parts. We seperate ourselves with our ability to produce complex parts for all industries including medical, aerospace, defense, consumer and more. 

Can I get an estimated cost without 3D files?


Unfortunately it’s quite difficult for us to estimate pricing because of the different variables that can only be determined once we have received and reviewed your file. We’d hate to give you an estimate (which would most likely be inaccurate) without first analyzing your file to determine if it is printable and then selecting the appropriate technology to build it.


What will impact the price of the parts?


There are a number of factors that contribute to pricing including:

·         Volume of the model and support material

·         Time to build

·         Post-processing (support material removal, etc.)

·         Level of finishing

·         Turnaround time

All of these factors depend on the complexity of your file. For example, a small part may not use much model material, but it can be so fragile that it we will take extra time and care during the post-processing phase to ensure the highest quality of the features.


Will you sign a non-disclosure agreement?


Of course! Our clients’ information and patent confidentiality is very important to us, and we are more than happy to give you the peace of mind you need to work with us.


How fast can I get my quotation?


For normal projects, you can expect quotation from us within 24 hours or even shorter. For complex projects with huge amount of components, we might need 48 hours to prepare your quotation.


 How to choose the right process for my prototypes?


It depends on your part design, functional intent, and material thickness. In general, larger parts or trade show models should use CNC Machining; very thin parts should use SLS or SLA Processes. Our engineer will guide you to select the right solution for your prototype, according to your requests and budget.


What is your tolerance?


General tolerance is +/-0.1mm. We can achieve +/-0.05mm or even higher tolerance if needed. For precision machining parts, we can provide full inspection report.


What are your payment terms?


We request 100% payment upfront for new customer; After 5 orders, you can make 50% down payment, 50%-before shipping.

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