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We have to ask us some question to qualifying our model before rapid prototyping proceed. What type of model do you need?  What type of input do you have? Is the production material required? What are the tolerances?  How many do you need? When do you need it?

We have to ask us some question to qualifying our model before rapid prototyping proceed.

What type of model do you need?  

That is to say what function of your prototypes? There are some types of models, such as concept model, which you just want to check the function;looks like model, which is for a presentation or photography; works like model, which is a sales sample or for market testing; And engineering checking models which is for geometry confirmation, material testing and function proval. Different type will invole different technics in model making. After confirming the model type we will move on the second question.

What type of input do you have?

Sketches, control drawings, 3D data, here in PT we specialized in manufacturing, so we need 3d files and 2d files  in detail, if you send us the original master sample we can scanning for you as well. Of course, we also have business partner in design for your choice.

Is the production material required?   

Determine what kinds of material will be used for the model, metallic or non-metallic, that will depend on your design and models function. Usually we have ABS, PC, POM, PMMA,and Aluminum, copper, steel for your choice.

What are the tolerances?

 Tolerance is another very important part for the model, we can know if we can handle the project for you within the tolerance.

How many do you need?  

 The quantity of the model will impact the cost, the more the cheaper, I should say, the same project, 10 sets will be more economic than only one set, do please let us know the quantity.

When do you need it?  

 The time schedule is also an important part, we know time to market is very concerning point for our customer, usually we handle the project within 7 days, but that depends on the complicate of the project, we will evaluate and promise a finished dead line for you.

Are you working within a budget? 

The last but not least, are you ready for the budget? All the evaluation should  be in your budget. Sometimes you can let PT know the budget, so that we can provide the best solution for you.

Some Question to Qualifying Our Model Before Rapid Prototyping Proceed