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From rapid  prototype to small batch of production and mass production

From products manufacturing to surface treatment and final assembly

As with Consumer Products, Industrial Products usually require high levels of finish to illustrate the visual design, but often the emphasis will be on functionality with models undergoing extensive trials and testing.


In every case our management team will work closely with our clients to understand the overall project requirements and ensure that we fulfill the brief.


We can offer solutions through our extensive in-house processes, to meet your requirements, whether it is for a 1 off concept model, a mechanical model for testing, a pre-production run of polyurethane parts for user trials or a low volume production solution.


Our broad range of materials will allow you to explore the functionality of your design by closely replicating the characteristics of intended production materials and by allowing environmental testing with high temperature resins, flame retardant grades and high impact materials.

Industrial Products


  • Space Studies
  • Proof of Concept Design
  • Form & Fit Prototypes
  • Engineering Evaluation
  • Presentation Models
  • Market Evaluation

In the business of designing new and innovative products, your success depends on partnering with a company that has proven experience in prototyping and manufacturing technologies. Quality and speed are critical to your product's success. As the pace of product development increases, designers are pushing the envelope to bridge the gap from concept to production in the fastest time possible.




Precise Technic has developed an unsurpassed reputation by producing high-quality product design prototype on time. Any strict and critical design requirements of you can meet by our strong capacity and professional expertise; furthermore, many of our Prototype Engineers and Project Managers have extensive backgrounds in industrial design, who will understand your design requirements better and professional.



It is very important to discuss during product design and before manufacturing. Visualization is a basic and significant part for design expression. Build the prototype quickly and effectively will conduct a more efficient physical model in the design team to view and discuss what will do to make it better, which will be more cooperated in team work.


Send us the drawing for a free quotation and design discussion to make your prototype perfect.