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Prototyping for consumer products presents a set of unique challenges, different from prototyping for any other type of product (such as industrial or medical products). The immensely vast scope of what consumer products can entail means that a consumer prototyping company must be versatile and adaptable, while simultaneously focusing on a few key strengths.


Consumer goods prototyping can take many forms — from initial “look-and-feel” prototypes, to functional prototyping, to manufacturability testing — to name a few. Because prototyping is as important a part of the consumer product development process as it is for any other type of product, it’s critical to identify what types of prototyping you’ll need, and ensure that your prototypes can provide the results and functionality that you need to perfect your product.

Consumers have more choices than ever, and they want the best possible products—at a good price. They’re savvy, and they can tell the difference between inferior products and high-quality products.



Whether you are in marketing, design engineering or graphics, we can help you create a great looking prototype for any of your upcoming meetings or focus groups. A product that has a great aesthetic and functional attraction is ideal for all departments who use prototypes, and rapid prototype + molding can do just that.


Consumer prototyping is a way to produce a 3D representation of your current product design. It can be produced in several ways: through 3D printing, injection molding or CNC machining, among other methods.



Recently, a large household appliance company stated this technology saved them months of product development time and anywhere from 25-30% cost savings, putting them ahead of their competitors.


So whether you need a new design, to reduce product weight, increase strength, or looking for a cool new look for any sporting good products, we are your solution.