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From rapid  prototype to small batch of production and mass production

From products manufacturing to surface treatment and final assembly

  • Interior Parts Prototype:



    Air Vents & Ducts

    Steering Wheel

    Central Control Panel

    Arm Rests

    Door Panels

    Speaker Grilles

    Switch Plates

    A, B, C & D Pillars

    Trim Pieces

  • Exterior Parts Prototype:


    Grilles & Grille Covers

    Emblems & Plates

    Headlights / Taillights / Fog lamps

    Mirror housings & Mounts

    Door Handles

    Spoilers & Air Dams

    Trunk Lids

    Chrome trim

    Fenders & Fender Liners

  • Air components

    Air filter housing

    Engine cover

    Shifting device lid

    Battery components

    Functional Parts Prototype

Precise Technic Automotive Prototyping Applications:


Design Verification

3D Data Verification

Performance Test

Reliability Test

Loading Test

Limited-run trial production

Low-volume Customization

Show Vehicles

Market Study Models

Customer Evaluation



Automotive Prototyping techniques widely used for the automotive industry include:


Automotive parts prototype

Acrylic Machining for automotive lamp prototyping

Aluminum Machining for automotive mechanical parts

Vacuum Casting for low volume trial-Auto Parts manufacturing & test

RIM (Reaction Injection Molding) for short run trial production

We use a variety of common automotive materials 



ABS Plastic

Silicone and Polyurethane


On our premises, we have a fully equipped workshop that we can add the finishing touches to your parts, from bonding and assembly to high-end painting. We are able to submit parts through PPAP or OEM own Quality Standards. 

How we can help you? 

We help you cut down the time spent on product development by making prototypes from just 7-10 working days – saving more time compared to traditional routes.