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From rapid  prototype to small batch of production and mass production

From products manufacturing to surface treatment and final assembly


PreciseTechnic is a leading supplier of rapid prototype and precision spare parts for different industry areas.

The validation and trial-manufacture of the new products design, the solution of small butch of production. The customized of precision spare parts , are what We devote ourselves to provide for our customer.


We are experts in fast prototyping , priding ourselves on our fast turn around and attention to detail. By applying the latest digital technology, our staff of highly-experienced specialists is capable of meeting the most stringent demands in terms of time, cost and precision in the creation of rapid prototype model making for products or component parts.


  • CNC Machining Center

  • CNC Turning Center

  • Vacuum Casting Machine

  • 3D Printing Machine


----------- Quality Assurance -----------

Continuous improvement to operational excellence


Quality is comprehensively defined by PT and continually and systematically improved in all areas. PT's understanding of quality is determined by the following four topics:


Controlled processes


PT's working methods are highly process-oriented. The process definitions are determined by current and future needs of external and internal customers. Efficient and effective business processes are a cornerstone of the PT company philosophy. Process documentation, measurement of process efficiency, continuous training of the employees involved and internal and external audits ensure that these process definitions are followed and improved.





All our units are ISO 9001-certified. Coating centers specialized in the coating of precision components also meet the QS-9000 quality standard or ISO/TS 16949.



Products and services


For PT, quality means exceeding customer expectations and doing this in a profitable way. This is the basis for customer satisfaction. The objective is always the same: to offer high quality products and services tailored to the customer needs. Our employees and suppliers are always aware of this high expectation.


Continuous improvement


An intense focus on Total Quality and a broad customer centric culture have allowed PT to set new world class standards in the areas of product reliability, process cycle times, quality and productivity. PT will continue to make use of breakthrough process improvement tools to continuously improve its capabilities to meet the customers' needs and to accelerate effectiveness.

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